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Hi, it’s me, Mory! When I was younger, my parents didn’t have a camera so we didn’t have baby pictures of me or my family. The only ones I have are from school and we all know how they are! When I was able to afford my own camera, I made sure to take a lot of photos of my family, especially my nieces and nephews.

Who’d imagine me becoming a photographer. But Hey!! Life is full of surprises. When I first started, I was an assistant “second shooter” for one-blink.com | photography + cinema and didn’t really think much of it. My passion for photography grew when I started shooting weddings. A wedding is a celebration of love, it is intimate and glamorous, laughter and tears are shared among family and friends, and the list goes on… Capturing and witnessing this very special day, the beginning of a journey in the life of two people who chose one another. This changed my perspective towards being a photographer and here I am today expressing what is of significance for me. I fell in love doing it.

When I’m not taking pictures of “beautiful princesses”, as my sons would say. I spend most of my time with the both of them, Jake and Dylan. Being a mom makes photography even more important, they grow up so fast and there are too many important moments that I don’t want to forget, from day to day laughter to special occasions… Time flies but a picture last forever.

I am fortunate to love what I do, but most importantly I get to call what I love, work.

Thank you for visiting and hope you’ll enjoy.

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