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I actually feel like a little bird leaving the family nest… Nervous but at the same time very excited.  Why?  Because for the past 5 years I’ve been working with one-blink.com | photography + cinema, photographing weddings in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto.   I was in my comfort zone, had my mentor, Chi, by my side at most of these weddings.  Now I’m ready to fly on my own. Like everything new, it’s scary and also so challenging…

memory-photography.com came naturally; I wonder if my parents knew when they give me my name that I would be in the industry somehow.  A company name is important but the logo design even more since it’ll be the first impression.  When I contact Kim Truong @kimtruongdesign, our visual artist at one-blink which she also did the logo design, I had no doubt that I would like what she’d come up with.  When I approach her, I had an idea of what I wanted, “meMory photography” written in some calligraphic font, in a shade of blue, my favorite color.  I wanted a logo that people would remember and recognized right away. And when she sent me the first draft of my future logo, I simply fell in love.  It was just perfect; I couldn’t imagine it better, the little heart shape with the letter M and the color.  I was blown away.  I can’t thank you enough Kim for your work.  You are amazing!

logo design

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